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CAD Design

Speed - Efficiency - Precision

Inside the Heavy Industry Factory Close-up Footage of  Industrial Engineer's Hands Working

Save time and money...

Having the ability to work directly with many different file types is at the core of our business and key to the speed and efficiency of our manufacturing process.

From common 2D drawing files to complex 3D solid models, our team can create, manipulate and extract a wide range of cad data for use within our process.

This allows us to move quickly from design to manufacture resulting in shorter lead-times and a more cost-efficient workflow for our customers.

Cad Systems/Files Supported

Cad Systems/Files Supported:




  • KeyCreator

  • Autocad

  • SAT

  • STP

  • STEP

  • IGES

  • STL

  • X_T

  • PRT


Engineering Plans
Engineering Plans
Ready CNC metal detail on technical drawing sketch with measures .jpg

Simple as email

Emailing us your CAD files allows us to instantly be "involved" in your project. Send any files you would like us to quote to:

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