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CNC Machining

Speed - Efficiency - Precision

Our machine shop employs both CNC and manually operated machines.

For high-volume complex jobs, our 3-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center has a large work area (1320mm L x 670mm W x 610mm H) and is equipped with a 20-station tool changer to handle a wide range of machining work.

Manual work is done on our 12" x 42" milling station equipped with a digital X/Y coordinate readout. Capable of milling, drilling, and tapping it offers a high degree of precision and repeatability to handle smaller jobs with ease.

Spindle chuck and installed metal part in pocessing on high precision Cnc industrial lathe

General Machining Tolerances

General Machining Tolerances:

  • Vertical CNC (.0005"-.001")

  • Manual (.001"-.005")


  • Carbon Steel (A36)

  • Alloy Steel (4130/4140)

  • Aluminum (5/6/7000 series)

  • Acetal (Delrin)

  • UHMW

  • Polycarbonate

  • Acrylic

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