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Speed - Efficiency - Precision

Projects can use a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals requiring the need for both TIG and MIG welding capabilities.

Having both TIG and MIG processes in-house provides for a pragmatic approach at  balancing time, cost and precision. This ensures all welding jobs are matched to the right process and in accordance with engineered specifications provided by the customer.

Tig Welder

Why MIG welding?

  • Fast

  • Generally accurate to +/- 0.06 inches or 1.50mm

  • Medium to high volume production

  • Lower cost to performance

  • Carbon steel up to .750 inch

  • Stainless steel up to .625 inch

  • Aluminum up to .500 inch

Why TIG welding?

  • Highly accurate

  • High strength

  • Aesthetically superior

  • Typically used for welding tolerances of less than 0.020 inches (0.5mm)

  • Precision low volume jobs

  • Stainless steel up to .500 inch

  • Aluminum up to .375 inch

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