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Industrial cnc plasma cutting of metal p

Our Services

CAD Desgin

Having the ability to work directly with many different file types is at the core of our business and key to the speed and efficiency of our manufacturing process.

From common 2D drawing files to complex 3D solid models, our team can create, manipulate and extract a wide range of cad data for use within our process.

This allows us to move quickly from design to manufacture resulting in shorter lead-times and a more cost-efficient workflow for our customers.

Cad Systems/Files Supported:




  • KeyCreator

  • Autocad

  • SAT

  • STP

  • STEP

  • IGES

  • STL

  • X_T

  • PRT


MIG/TIG Welding

Projects can use a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals requiring the need for both TIG and MIG welding capabilities.

Having both TIG and MIG processes in-house provides for a pragmatic approach at  balancing time, cost and precision. This ensures all welding jobs are matched to the right process and in accordance with engineered specifications provided by the customer.

Why MIG welding?

  • Fast

  • Generally accurate to +/- 0.06 inches or 1.50mm

  • Medium to high volume production

  • Lower cost to performance

  • Carbon steel up to .750 inch

  • Stainless steel up to .625 inch

  • Aluminum up to .500 inch

Why TIG welding?

  • Highly accurate

  • High strength

  • Aesthetically superior

  • Typically used for welding tolerances of less than 0.020 inches (0.5mm)

  • Precision low volume jobs

  • Stainless steel up to .500 inch

  • Aluminum up to .375 inch

Spindle chuck and installed metal part i


Our machine shop employs both CNC and manually operated machining centers.

For high-volume complex jobs, our 3-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center has a large work area (1320mm L x 670mm W x 610mm H) and 20 station tool changer to handle a wide range of machining work.

Manual work is done on our 12" x 42" milling station equipped with a digital X/Y coordinate readout. Capable of milling, drilling and tapping it offers a high degree of precision and repeatability to handle smaller jobs with ease.

General Machining Tolerances:

  • Vertical CNC (.0005"-.002")

  • Manual (.002"-.010")


  • Carbon Steel (A36)

  • Alloy Steel (4130/4140)

  • Aluminum (5/6/7000 series)

  • Acetal (Delrin)

  • UHMW

  • Polycarbonate

  • Acrylic

(HD) CNC Plasma Cutting

Reducing time is key to reducing cost and In most cases our high definition plasma cutting negates the need for further secondary work given the quality and accuracy of cut in provides. Resulting in less time and reduced costs.

Cutting a variety of metal types requires the right kind of cutting gas. Our cutting department maintains an inventory of  gases necessary to get your cutting job done quickly and accurately.

In-House Gases


  • Oxygen

  • Nitrogen

  • Argon/Hydrogen mix 

Maximum Cutting Thicknesses

  • Carbon steel up to 0.750"

  • Stainless Steel up to 0.625"

  • Aluminum up to 0.500"

CNC Brake Press

CNC brake press capabilities are essential for any precision metal fabrication shop.


Accuracy, repeatability and speed are all important to consistently provide the kind of service customers need and expect.

However, a CNC brake press is only is as good as the tooling available.


Our large inventory of punches and dies can accommodate a wide range of jobs from lighter gauge materials to plate steel.

Bending size/capacity

  • Steel plate up to 1/2"

  • Width up to 120 inches

  • Formed (leg) lengths up to 24 inches (using back gauge)

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